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Wild about Wild Mushroom Bisque – Indigenous Restaurant – Sarasota Florida

Wow, it has been two months since we opened the restaurant and everything has been going so well!  Even with the cooler nights outside we have been booked every weekend night since the opening. Response is amazing towards the ambiance, food, service etc., but the big standout is that people are going absolutely bonkers over the Wild Mushroom Bisque.  This creamy, earthy bowl of love is a unique blend of dried porcini’s, fresh shiitakes and cremini’s with brown butter rye croutons and truffle oil.  Some guests say they could eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even one guest claims she could “bathe’ in this soup for therapy……well ok…its damn good.  Going through approximately 6 cases of each type of mushroom a week, this soup is in constant production daily!  Looks like we will be keeping this one on the menu through the winter as we prepare to make the seasonal menu change from late summer/fall to winter for the season……….yummers!

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