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Why You Should Eat Sustainable Foods

IMG 0658As people become more conscious of healthier food choices as well as protecting the environment, there are many reasons to learn more about sustainable foods. Essentially, sustainability means keeping an efficient level of food supply such as fish in the ocean without disrupting the ecosystem through over-consumption. Here are facts on how we can contribute to maintaining the supply of sustainable foods while making better choices on nutrition.

Diversity of Choices
The best way to stay healthy while protecting the environment is to diversify our food choices. By educating yourself about which foods are most available for each season, you can help reduce the carbon footprint involved with shipping foods from around the world. Instead of relying on importing food from other countries when it is not in season in your own area, it's better to focus on the food that is readily more available locally.

When it comes to fish, there are hundreds of commercial species, so there are plenty of choices during any given season. When public demand is more reflective of availability according to the season rather than personal appetite, it helps avoid higher shipping costs and keeps fisheries more consistent with natural sustainability.

Steps Toward Progress
Instead of waiting for others to change the world, if everyone takes an interest in learning about the environmental impact of food production, we won't have to guess or worry about the future as much. Cutting down on food waste is an important step toward this goal. One of the most efficient ways to cut down on water use in growing crops is with hydroponic farming, which produces more yield at a faster rate than conventional farming and doesn't require chemicals.

Factors That Threaten Sustainability

  • land degradation
  • drought
  • water extraction from irrigation
  • dependence on fossil fuels
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • phosphorus depletion
  • impact of herbicides and pesticides
  • overfishing in fisheries

Share Information
Social media allows you to share your voice with the world like no other communications medium in history. Remind your friends how we're all on the same team and share the same home called Earth, so it's up to us to preserve our resources. Compromising the Earth's ability to supply sufficient amounts of food in the future through exploitation should be avoided. Try to encourage others to take an interest in topics such as agriculture and renewable energy. Spreading insights on sustainable foods works best in a positive tone.

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