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Why You Should Care About Eating Sustainable Foods

Sustainable FoodRecently, you may have noticed a growing movement when it comes to food shopping and consumption. For the first time in a long time, people are starting to pay attention to where their food comes from. This is more than just reading labels, although that is always a good idea! 

More and more, people are choosing fresh, sustainable foods, grown locally, and grown and produced in a responsible, sustainable way. This includes meats as well as vegetables and fruits. When you start paying attention to where your food comes from and how it is grown, produced, harvested and prepared, you are taking control of your health. But even more than that, you are helping your community.

Be A Local Hero
By patronizing local growers and providers of food who use responsible practices, you are enabling them to continue providing their produce and meat to the community. This is important, as they can't continue without support from their community.

Help Change Big Food Business
When you avoid mass growers of pesticide-laden produce and inhumanely raised meat, you are sending a message with your dollars that can help promote change.

It's happening already with more companies choosing healthier ways of producing food, but it is important to be vigilant, as many will simply stick a "natural" or "sustainable" label on foods or package it differently in the hopes you won't dig deeper. Many food labels, such as "natural" are not regulated.

Meat Matters
When it comes to meat, people are becoming more and more aware that it matters how the animal was raised. Another question to ask yourself when selecting meat is "what does my food eat?" Did the animal eat low-grade, pesticide-laden or genetically altered grains with little nutritional value? Did the animal spend its life in poor conditions? Or, was it able to roam free, eating its natural food source, vitamin rich grass?

Sustainable foods are better for the environment, and healthier for you and your family. Eating foods that are grown locally improves the economy in your community. Choosing meat that is treated humanely results in healthy animals, a healthier environment and healthier people.

So, eat fresh, eat local and eat organic. The more people consume sustainable foods, the more the bigger corporations will have to start changing their current practices.