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What is Seafood Sustainability?

Sustainable SeafoodDespite the fact that oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, the marine life within them is not infinite. Humanity's ever-increasing desire for seafood has had catastrophic results. The health of the planet's oceans is directly connected to humanity's health and welfare. It also directly affects access to food for people from all economic levels. It influences economic development and impacts our ability to get nutritious and delicious meals.

At one point in history, it appeared that there were no limits on what the oceans could provide; however, discoveries in recent decades have shown us differently. Many of the world's fisheries are overexploited and are on the brink of collapse, while others have already collapsed. The ramifications of this go far beyond being able to get your favorite type of fish; overfished fisheries affect the health of the whole planet.

Simply put, seafood sustainability involves meeting the present need for seafood without compromising the ability to meet future needs. It is important to remember that when we eat seafood, we have an irreversible effect on the environment; therefore, it is important that we make the right decisions.

The Importance of Aquaculture for Seafood Sustainability
Fish farms play a major role in the solution to overfishing as they produce half of the world's seafood; however, not all fish farms are good for the environment. Truly sustainable fish farming operations will take steps to reduce their impact on the ecosystem. Unsustainable fish farms can cause environmental damage like pollution and disease or damage to coastal ecosystems.

How to Tell Which Seafood in the Supermarket is Sustainable
Pay attention to the labeling. Labeling has improved in recent years and helps shoppers to make smarter choices. Labels may show where the seafood is from and whether it was farm-raised or wild-caught. Some labels may even show how the seafood was harvested. In addition, your fish seller may have information on the origin of the fish as well as its quality and the methods used to harvest it.

Finding Sustainable Seafood in Restaurants
This starts with choosing the right chef. Many chefs and restaurants are committed to keeping endangered species off their menus. In many cases, they are also committed to serving locally available seafood. Additionally, there are local and national pocket guides as well as smartphone apps like Seafood Watch and Safe Seafood that provide information on seafood sustainability.

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