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What is a Sustainable Restaurant?

Sustainable RestaurantAll across America, a new focus on sustainability has been taking root. But many people don't associate the restaurant industry, notorious for its food waste, with sustainable ideals. A sustainable restaurant isn't a contradiction in terms, however - it's just a new kind of dining experience.

Sustainable dining is conscious dining. It is a commitment to the ethical sourcing of food, and a closer relationship with the world that creates it.

In contrast to restaurants which offer a uniform dining experience all year round, a sustainable restaurant's menu shifts with the reality of the outside world. Foods come into season and go out of season; local populations of fish rise and fall, and other ingredients may or may not be locally available. The food you eat when you're dining out sustainably is a reflection of the world you inhabit.

This means that sustainable dining can also introduce you to foods you may not have encountered in a restaurant before. You may have heard about Trash Fish Dinners planned by chef Stephen Phelps, where fish species commonly discarded as trash by commercial fishing operations were given a chance to shine on the dinner plate. Broadly speaking, and with all consideration for regional cuisine, America still has a fairly common palette when it comes to meats, seafood, and produce, which can overshadow local species which aren't grown in a hothouse year-round and shipped to all corners of the continent.

When you visit a sustainable restaurant, you're visiting a place where food is placed in a larger, kinder environmental context. And in doing so, you're broadening your own horizons. Learn more about what sustainability means by visiting Indigenous today!