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The legend of the scallop succotash


Everybody’s been asking, “Are you gonna do it?” “Will it be on the menu?”

It’s the question I always get. With all the excitement around Indigenous, friends keep bringing up the legendary dish. It was the most popular item on the menu at Canvas Cafe — we went through more than 30 pounds of scallops a week. Yes, they’re talking about my famous scallops with a lobster-edamame succotash and baked parmesan grits.

Well, the answer to your question is yes. I listen to my guests and I listen to my friends so yes, we’re going to put it on the menu!

To me, it was a no-brainer. And while I’d love to do the dish with scallops, the market has gotten to be so high-priced I can’t pass on a great value and quality to my guests, both of which are equally important. Until the scallops get to be a bit more comfortably priced, I’ll be serving the dish with whole Key West Pink Shrimp.

They’re actually one of the most desirable types of shrimp in the world and we’re lucky enough to have them practically right outside our door. The ones we serve here at Indigenous are totally unprocessed and will literally go from the water, to the boat, to the skillet, to your plate.

As you all know, my succotash consists of lobster meat, edamame and sweet summer corn in a rich sherry cream sauce. The dish is also great for the season because corn is at its peak right now. And the kicker — my baked parmesan grits — finishes the plate. Because of the technique we use, people who didn’t like grits before try that preparation and it’s an instant turn on.

Of course I will show a new presentation of the dish, so be ready for a surprise when we set it down in front of you later this summer.

— Chef Steve