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The Benefits of Eating Local

Benefits of Eating LocalMany people think it's expensive to eat local. What they don't realize right away is that though eating locally is a bit pricier than usual, the extra cost is worth it. When you choose to eat local, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Fresher raw ingredients
Meat and produce that have traveled thousands of miles don't stay crisp and fresh during the journey, but the ones picked from the farm or caught in the woods are as fresh as they can be because they usually hit the markets within 24 hours.

More nutrients
Local food is subject to less processing, so what you get on your plate has its vitamins and minerals still intact. You can't say the same for manufactured food that has been soaked in preservatives.

Better flavor
Aside from nutrients, natural flavor also stays intact in local food for the same reason: less processing. Thus, you get to enjoy your meals with a far richer taste, and none of that fake flavoring that manufacturers have been using in their products.

Stronger economy within the community
Small-time farmers and vendors find it hard to compete with corporations, so your support is valuable to them. Help the money go to the right people by buying directly from the fresh produce market instead of going to a supermarket chain.

Cleaner environment
Less processing means less waste, so you're doing the environment a huge favor if you buy local food. Farmers in your community help maintain farmlands and green spaces, but they can do that only if people patronize their businesses over the long term.

Healthier lifestyle
Local food is as healthy as it gets: no preservatives, all-natural, organic, fresh, nutritious. If you want to improve your health through your eating habits, going local is a good place to kick-start a major change.

We at Indigenous Restaurant in Sarasota want the best for our customers, so we use locally sourced or wildly caught ingredients for our dishes whenever we can. This has always been our mission since Chef Steve Phelps opened the place in 2011. But don't just take our word for it -- come and visit us at 239 S Links Ave to experience our cuisine for yourself. Once you go local, there's no going back.