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Sustainable Seafood Promoted in Sarasota During National Seafood Month

MulletFilmLogoMany health experts recommend eating fish twice a week to improve your overall health. Since October is National Seafood Month, it’s a great time to promote sustainable seafood and fisheries. National Seafood Month is also an opportunity to depict the successes and challenges facing U.S. fisheries as they seek to end overfishing and begin to rebuild fish stocks. There are so many amazing stories to hear.

This year’s Eat Local Week in Sarasota will feature a one night event, open to the public, of a free screening of the film,“Mullet: A Tale of Two Fish”. The screening will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25 at the Mote's WAVE Center, and following the film there will be an expert panel discussion. Mullet: A Tale of Two Fish is about the history of the mullet, from its prominence as a food source for Native Americans to its influence on modern day commercial fishing and cuisine.

Panelists will include:

  • Indigenous' Chef Steve Phelps

  • Dr. Kenneth Leber, Associate Vice President for Research and Program Manager of Mote's Fisheries Ecology and Enhancement;

  • Dr. Kevan Main, program manager of Mote's Marine & Freshwater Aquaculture Research Program

  • Ed Chiles of Chiles Restaurant Group and partner in the Anna Maria Fish Company;

  • Nathan Meschelle, a local fisherman

Outside of this one time event, Chef Steve Phelps is active in the seafood awareness community on the day to day. Chef Steve is a member of the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force. This organization’s mission it to empower businesses and consumers to make the right choices for a healthier ocean. Participating in local events like this panel and national organizations like Monterey Bay Seafood Watch help Chef stay involved the efforts that he promotes in his restaurant. Eating locally sourced food not only supports the local economy, it also promotes a safe food supply.