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Chef Steve Travels to Washington, D.C. to Defend the Magnuson-Stevens Act

Chef Steve Phelps is among a small group selected by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to travel to Washington, D.C. this month to engage in a dialogue regarding proposed changes to the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

“I am honored to take part in this discussion,” said Phelps. “Changes to this legislation would have a direct impact, not only on my business, but on businesses nationwide.”

The Magnuson-Stevens Act, established in 1976, is the principal law governing marine fisheries in the United States. Its main objectives are to prevent overfishing, rebuild overfished stocks, increase long-term economic and social benefits, and ensure a safe and sustainable supply of seafood.

Congress is currently considering legislation to modify the Magnuson-Stevens Act, notably H.R. 200 and H.R. 2023. The proposed bills would give regional fishery management councils the authority to relax seasonal timelines and adjust catch limits when environmental conditions and unusual occurrences could potentially interfere with bringing fish back.

“The MSA was enacted to ensure sustainability and cement the United States as the top competitor in the seafood industry,” said Phelps. “It is vital we keep this Act intact. The country’s success depends on it.”

Phelps will travel to Washington, D.C. on June 11, along with representatives from the Jacksonville Fish House and Border Grill, to defend the Act as it currently stands to U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson.

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