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Sourcing research: grass-fed beef!

While the restaurant continues its massive physical transformationChef Steve is busy hunting down the best sources for sustainable and abundant veggies, seafood and of course, delicious beef. We’re proud to say we will source grass fed beef from Deep Creek Ranch, Inc., a Certified Humane provider out of DeLand, Fla.

Part of the reason Chef chose Deep Creek is for their location here in Florida — it’s not too far away, which saves a lot on transportation costs. While their are lots of great beef options in the midwest, burning gas has many negative impacts, the least of which is the cost. So we’re opting to spend more money on a better quality product and staying true to our commitment to embracing local sources whenever possible.

Plus, Deep Creek Ranch is quite an amazing farm. They rear a breed of cattle called “South Poll” (which, an as aside that the music fan in Chef Steve loves, Teddy Gentry from rock band Alabama originated) that is one of the most flavorful as far as both texture and tenderness go. And there are no grains in their diet  — many don’t realize that in their natural state, cows do not eat corn — so they are free to roam and consume the grass they like, which is very important to the flavor of the beef.

Steve will use this grass fed beef for his famous burger as well as a flavorful hanger steak. As he says, ultimately, “it’s all what you do with it and how you prepare it. Technique is everything.”