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Our cool new custom printed chef shirts

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Just got our custom printed chef shirts in and the lovely Kim Longstreet of DogStreet Pet Photography snapped this great photo so you all can see a preview.

The best part is that they are made from recycled service station attendant shirts (don’t worry, they’ve been washed), like the kind you’d see with “Phil” or “Bob” embroidered on the front.

Obviously nobody but Phil or Bob would have a use for those, so Walt’s Wholesale Clothing in South Carolina buys up all the leftover old shirts and recycles them. Keeping with our mission of focusing on sustainability and a commitment to the environment, we are finding another use for them.

Using our logo, Austin Kowal of Clothesline screen-printed the shirts for us to come up with a truly unique style. Austin was cool enough to do the printing for all of our uniforms, and he did a great job. Clothesline is another local business we are really proud support. We will also have these lovely shirts for sale in the restaurant if you want to help rep Indigenous, Clothesline and Sarasota!