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Lionfish at Indigenous!

LionfishLionfish are a unique looking species that we are happy to be working with at Indigenous at the moment! If you don’t know much about lionfish, here are a few fun facts:

  • Since the 1990's, Lionfish have become one of the ocean's most invasive species

  • They are able to eat more baitfish than the average reef species due to the design of their bodies, i.e. poisonous barbs, etc. This in return depletes the baitfish for the rest of our native dwellers

  • Spearing them is the only way to harvest right now. This leads to a higher cost.

  • Many organizations are working on getting traps approved to help this get easier. is one of them

  • Chefs all over the country are realizing how delicious they are!

  • There is a Lionfish Derby on July 8th in Sarasota sponsored by Mote Marine. This year we are trying to get the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch team involved, as well as some other great chefs from the state to join us for some educational dinners.

  • Lionfish recently became approved on the Seafood Watch list as a “Best Choice”


The flavor profile of lionfish is similar to hogfish and yellowtail snapper- terrific raw and cooked.

Click here to learn more about lionfish, and stop by Indigenous to try it for yourself!