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Just why is reclaimed cypress so awesome?


We know you all have been driving by the restaurant and seeing all the dust and trucks but haven’t seen much progress yet. Well you wouldn’t know it, but the inside is almost complete! Now, you’ll finally start seeing progress outside too.

As of today we’ve installed almost every phase of our reclaimed Florida cypress fence. We’re really proud to be using this recycled wood form Axley Bros. Saw Mill. which avoids cutting down more of our precious natural vegetation and saves ancient cypress trees that otherwise would be left to rot in the depths of Florida’s many swamps. Here’s a link to great article about the history of cypress logging and reclamation, for those who are interested.

We also love the recycled cypress because it retains its raw appearance as the wood is actually still wet. Every day the fence will change in appearance, drying and weathering as time passes. Cypress also doesn’t attract insects like some other woods do.

Things are really taking shape here at Indigenous and it’s looking pretty sweet! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more updates.