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How You Can Support Small, Independent Farmers Through Locally Sourced Food

Locally Sourced FoodSmall, independent family farms have been disappearing in recent years and now only account for about 16 percent of consumer food produced in America. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported that the number of farms in the country has declined by nearly 40 percent the past half century. Here are reasons to support locally sourced food.

Cleaner Solution

Your support for locally sourced food helps preserve the environment. By cutting travel out of the equation, you are contributing to fewer carbon emissions. The sooner you consume the food, the less need there is for chemical preservatives. Many local farmers who stay up to date on environmental issues avoid dangerous chemicals anyway.

Farms Help the Local Economy

The farming industry helps provide jobs for the community, so supporting local farms helps a series of local businesses. The more you can keep money in the community, the more you will contribute to a sustainable community. Farms provide food to grocery stores, caterers and restaurants. By supporting local farmers, you are minimizing their handling and transportation costs.

Healthy Fresh Food

Locally sourced food is a top choice among people who aim for a healthy lifestyle. The less food has to travel, the more its nutrients will be preserved. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important components to a healthy meal.

Better Taste

The added benefit to eating fresh foods is that they taste better as well, partly because the produce doesn't need to be picked early for distribution reasons. One of the secrets to better tasting produce is that it is grown naturally in season instead of in an off-season greenhouse. Independent farmers like to experiment with unique crops for niche marketing purposes. That's why you will find amazing new flavors for crops like peppers at local farmers' markets.

Preserving Local Identity

Some small family farms have become an important part of local history, inspiring stories of how family businesses can prevail for generations. You are contributing to local culture by supporting local farmers. Some of the ways farms help shape local culture are with crop diversity and quality.

Spreading the Word

The best way to help local farmers is to tell your friends about the benefits of locally sourced food. Supporting local farmers is helpful to the environment and the economy. Let people know that they can empower themselves through sustainable agriculture and have clear knowledge where their food comes from.

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