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Eat Local Week 2016: Find the Meaning of Local

EatlocalsarasotaEvery year, Sarasota County hosts a week dedicated to the local food scene. The promotion of local business is not only important to the local economy, it is also important to local sustainability. Eat Local Week is dedicated to raising the awareness of locally sourced food options. These options are more readily available than many people may realize.

At Indigenous, eating local and sustainability are the primary points of focus. These efforts are what drive our business every day, not just once a year. Because of this, we are happy to participate in this event with the hopes of bringing the local food initiative to the forefront of people’s minds, not just once a year, but every day.

Eat Local 2016 stretches from Saturday, October 22 to Sunday October 30. During this week, members of the local food industry and beyond will come together to discuss this cause. On Sunday, October 23, Indigenous Chef, Steve Phelps will participate in a panel discussion defining the meaning of local as it pertains to the food industry. Chef will be joined on the panel by Douglas Gayeton, a published author and well-known food activist, Laura Reiley, Tampa Bay area food critic and author of Farm to Fable, and Suncoast Food Alliance owner, John Matthews.

This panel hits very close to home for Steve and his mission as a local chef. He strives to use locally sourced ingredients in his restaurant as much as possible, with a particular focus on local seafood. In this discussion he hopes that people will begin to look for and appreciate locally owned restaurants throughout Sarasota and beyond, who also put in the extra time and effort it takes to create locally sourced cuisine.

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