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Construction update: no more awning!


Lots of excitement and movement here at the restaurant this week!

First off, we are really glad to finally remove the old awnings — the place is almost unrecognizable and we haven’t even touched that blue paint! We’ll use this new area to create a space for true al fresco dining, with nothing but umbrella shade between you and the beautiful Sarasota breeze. Designer Jason Champion is also working on a really comfortable and cool seating area for this section of the restaurant. And we relaid the pavers here and moved the large handicap ramp to South Links Avenue, which gives us more outdoor dining space!

The transformation of what used to be the dish room is under way — what will be our new “executive” dining room adds 12 more seats inside. Contractor Paul Pierce of Paul Thomas & Associates has also cut into the kitchen wall to create a window so that our diners can not only enjoy the food but watch us prepare it too.

Floors will be next to get an overhaul and we’re taking down the old picket fence this week to prepare for the reclaimed cypress we’re going to use to create a much more elegant (and indigenous) enclosure.

Stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page for all the latest updates!