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Chef Steve sourcin’ away at the Sarasota Farmers Market


While we’re VERY excited about painting the place today, we’re also continuing to research and review local produce sourcing options. As many of you have no doubt discovered, “ain’t nothin’ better than goin’ to your local market,” as Chef Steve puts it, but during the hot summer months here in Florida the availability really gets low.

So Chef has been out there hitting the pavement at the Sarasota Farmers Market to look at what will be consistently available for the next few months in order to provide a really rockin’ array of mostly local menu items. He’s also continuing to experiment with recipes at home and has some delicious dishes to share with you once we are open this summer.

Here’s an adorable photo of Steve at the Farmers Market this weekend, taken by Kim Longstreet of DogStreet Pet Photography — Kim just also happens to be Steve’s lovely wife.

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