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Chef Steve Puts a New View on Mullet

MulletIndigenousSarasotaMullet, a star performer, has been a popular food choice for thousands of years, but in recent years has lost a bit of its shine. The seafood market is evolving and a heavy influx of other options has seemingly better suited people. Commercially fished off of our warm, Florida coastal waters, mullet (specifically grey-striped) has proven years later to still serve as a worthy meal in the most exclusive fine dining restaurants. With an average weight of 2 - 3 pounds (some weighing even up to 6 pounds) and its easy availability, it is understandable why this seemingly common fish would be overlooked.

However, experienced Chef Steve Phelps of Indigenous in Sarasota Florida, has seen the lack of knowledge regarding consumption of the mullet family. Most commonly known for being smoked, this oily fish measures high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and can be grilled, poached, or even delightfully roasted. Interestingly, unlike some fish, you do not have to wait for the right time of the year to find mullet. They can conveniently be found throughout every season.

With its key health benefits and convenient availability in mind, it can be concluded that the importance of adequately educating chefs from all around the world to effectively cook mullet and re-introduce it to the public is vital. With this growing knowledge Chef Steve has hired people to work in his kitchen based solely on the increasing need for mullet preparation. At Indigenous you will find that it’s served with a new energy, yet still a timeless and delicious taste. Not only has Chef Steve created much needed job openings, but he has also invested in giving a delightful dish full of flavor to those who visit his restaurant. After all, we believe that the best way to cook anything is through creatively preparing all of our appealing dishes.

This seemingly insignificant fish has just made a comeback, and this is only the beginning.