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Building Awareness and Creating Success: Trash Fish Dinner 2016

Indigenous TF2016Last Sunday, August 7th marked the third annual Trash Fish dinner in Sarasota. The event was a true success. The seven local chefs worked together to create wonderful dishes for attendees using lesser known species of fish, often coined "trash fish".

This year, for the first time, the dinner was about more than just the lesser known species of fish. Along with these species, there was also a focus on aquaculture fish and invasive species of fish. Not only did this give the chefs a wider variety of fish to cook with, it also gave attendees a larger breadth of awareness on the different species of fish.

During the event, Senior Scientist & Program Manager,Dr. Kevan Main from Mote Marine spoke about the aquaculture program at Mote. Aquaculture is a growing part of the seafood industry, so it is very important for consumers to understand the process. Allie ElHage from Zookeeper also spoke about the Lionfish issue in Florida and the containment unit he has created for Lionfish. Ultimately the speakers hoped to educate attendees on the different species of fish. However, with this increased knowledge, the hope is that attendees will begin to question where their seafood is coming from as educated consumers.

This event was able to provide both an enjoyable evening and much needed education to all in attendance. We are already excited at the idea of the fourth annual Trash Fish dinner where we will be able to continue to raise awareness on this important issue.