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8 Reasons Why You Should Eat Local

Eat LocalWhen you eat out or shop at your local grocery store, you might assume that the food you’re getting was grown close to home. That’s often not the case, however, since many foods are grown hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

These days, many people are placing a high priority on eating local foods. The following are eight excellent reasons to eat local:

It Helps the Environment
When you eat local, the energy required to bring the food from farm to plate is much less. If your food is coming from far away, its carbon footprint is much greater.

You’re Supporting Your Community
Local farmers are an integral part of the local community and economy. When you eat local, you’re supporting them, and they in turn support other local businesses.

You’re Helping Preserve Agricultural Landscapes
By supporting local farmers, you’re helping them to stay in business. Your community will enjoy more farmland and greenspace and less sprawl as a result.

It Tastes Better
Fresh food simply tastes better and fresher. The difference between food that was picked much more recently at the peak of freshness and food that has been shipped thousands of miles can be significant.

It Promotes a Safe Food Supply
When you eat local, chances are better that the food you’re eating is safe. The more steps that your food takes before it gets to your plate, the greater the chance it has to become contaminated.

You’ll Enjoy More Seasonal Food
We can have any type of food at any time, but the best time to eat it is when it’s in season. That’s when food is at its peak of flavor, and you can experience the joys of eating with the seasons.

Local Food is More Nutritious
Many foods lose nutrients as they age. Since local foods can move quickly from the farm to your plate, they retain more nutrients.

You’ll Know More About What You Eat
With a local farmer, you’ll be able to find out more details about how they raise and harvest their crops. You’ll be able to learn if they use toxic chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones and find out if they use sustainable farming practices.

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